St. Catherines Island Info

This privately owned island is just 50 miles south of Savannah. It is comprised of 14,640 acres of marsh and wet lands and 6,700 acres of forest. It was settled by the Guale Indians who were later joined by Spanish missionaries in the 1500’s.

Today, the island is owned by the St. Catherines Island Foundation and is used for conservation of its natural resources, protecting endangered species, and preserving historic sites. There are continuing studies in archaeology, botany, ecology, natural history and zoology.

The shores of St. Catherines Island are reached by boat only. You can reserve your place at Halfmoon Marina on Colonel’s Island or Shellman Fish Camp in McIntosh County. You are welcome to spend the day at the island, but there is no place for overnight accommodations.

While visiting St. Catherines Island, be sure to see the Mission South Catalina—which is Georgia’s oldest church. It was operated by the Spanish during the 1570s to convert the Guale Indians to Christianity.

Artifacts from St. Catherines Island are on display at Atlanta’s Fernbank Museum of Natural history.

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