Real Haunted Houses in GA

Georgia has a one of the most interesting histories in America. Georgia’s wars and struggles have created interesting citizens, some that still haunt the state. Old buildings, homes, and towns can be explored in exploration for ghost and memories of past lives. Some of the haunted places below are for fun, but a few a truly haunted like the Caswell House of Newnan.

Caswell House (Newnan)– The Caswell House in Newnan is now the headquarters and slave museum for the African American Alliance of Coweta County. The house was moved from its original location on East Broad Street a few years ago and now sits next to an old slave cemetery. It is believed that pagan (or even satanic) ceremonies took place in the old shotgun house in the 1980s and the house may now be occupied by Ruby Caswell and her brother Hoyt. The house is now protected by Aunt Ruby (as she was affectionately known) as she fights to clean it of evil, and it’s believed that she’s proud of the home's new use as a museum. If you take your kids on a tour of the museum you may find them playing with her as she loved children. This is the most haunted place in Georgia.

In Scott Thompson's book Young Men Shall See he fictionalizes a true event that occured in the house in the late 1980s. In the story, as in real life, more than one person see the same vision of an event that occured in the house.

Stone Mountain Antebellum Plantation- In the fall of 2010 the TAPS team from the TV show Ghost Hunters investigated the Antebellum Plantation at Stone Mountain Park. They picked up several convincing EVPs and experienced first hand evidence. The oldest standing house in Georgia is at the plantation. This and the other structures make the plantation worth visiting even without the ghost.

Olde Harbour Inn (Savannah) -This historic Savannah inn was originally the site of rum runners, slave labor, wooded hoist and well dressed businessmen when bought and sold in the once warehouse. Today the building is used as an Inn. In the early 1900’s a worker named Hank was known as a trouble maker, always complaining about the facility or co-workers. Sometime around 1907 the warehouse caught fire, and Hank died in its flames. Today, his spirit is said to roam the hotel halls and visit the rooms. Guest have reported finding their luggage moved to the bathtub, smelling cigar smoke in a non-smoking room (a violation in Georgia), seeing door handles move, and “simply” sensing another person in their room.

Caswell House - Home of the African American Alliance Slave Museum in Coweta County, Newnan

For playful ghost, spend a night at the Hamilton Turner Inn in Savannah. Once owned by a wealthy banker who frequently placed work before family. Today, visitors to the house frequently hear unusual sounds, children calling to their parents, and the sound of a game of pool coming from the top floor of the home.

River’s End Restaurant & Lounge (Thunderbolt) - This small town just outside of Savannah, boast a peaceful spirit at its diner, The Rivers End. It is not uncommon for employees to comment that they feel someone behind them, or to hear the sound of doors opening and closing or even finding the table settings out of place.

Moon River Restaurant (Savannah) - Believed to have its second floor haunted by a tall ghost thought to be a civil war deserter. He stands in the doorways with his arms crossed as though daring one to pass.

Harville House (Statesboro) - Once home to 2 ladies who died unnoticed (but noticed since), the house is now said to have a blue light shinning in its window. Those who have ventured in have said that there were 2 women sitting in rocking chairs.

Haunted House for Sale

If you want to own your own haunted house, and have the coin to make it happen, you might be interested in the Orna Villa home in Oxford, Georgia. Learn about this house and read the history of Orna Villa.

Ghost Tours in Georgia

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Low Country Ghost Tour (Savannah) -Every evening groups meet at Johnson square to go on ghost walks along the area’s streets. Or you can meet at Colonial Park Cemetery for a candlelight tour led by a local in period costume.

National Civil War Naval Museum - On the last Thursday of each month the museum holds a ghost tour. Call 706-987-9798 to buy tickets or visit their webpage Sea Ghosts Tour of Haunted Port Columbus.

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Haunted Helen -Georgia’s most renowned location for tours and sightings of the spectral. Helen is an excellent place to visit in the fall.