Haunted House for Sale

Historic ‘Orna Villa’ is For Sale! Located at 1008 Emory Street, Oxford, Georgia, home of Emory University and present day Emory College, this circa 1820 Greek Revival masterpiece is documented as Haunted. Recently we received a call from a Mother who said her little five-year old son, Connor, is fascinated by the house. They live nearby and when she noticed our For Sale sign she pulled into the driveway to let him run and play in the front yard. So excited, he ran back to his Mother to ask “who is the tall man with long coat and tall shiny boots standing on the front porch”? Of course, she saw nothing.

Orna Villa was the home of Dr. Alexander Means, a Methodist minister, physician, and professor of natural science who was one of the founders of the City of Oxford and Oxford College, where he served as President from 1854-1855. He then resigned to serve as President of The Medical College in Atlanta. Dr. Means was fascinated by electricity, which he called "God's vice-regent". It is reported that in his Emory laboratory and at Orna Villa he experimented with electricity. As a result of these experiments he demonstrated a workable candescent bulb to a gathering of leading Atlanta Citizens in 1858. Undoubtedly, abreast of the latest scientific knowledge of his time, his prototype has been placed on display at Emory College. It is said that on occasion a light can be seen coming from the upstairs room at Orna Villa he used as a laboratory.

Some believe the Ghost to be Dr. Means’ son, Tobe. Dr. Means was determined that each of his children receive a college education as he was a self-made man who struggled to obtain his education. Tobe was not interested in books, he wanted to travel. After many heated discussions it is said he slammed the front door and rode off on his horse never to be seen again. It has been reported that later he lived in Texas. Others think Dr. Means’ spirit remains in the house. Sometimes you can hear a chair rocking, Dr Means was an avid reader seeking more knowledge and often stayed up late into the night reading.

It is also thought that it may be Olin, another of Dr. Means’ nine sons, also a physician, who struggled to make a decision to leave his medical practice to become a minister. This decision was left unresolved due to his unexpected death. Regardless of whose spirit remains . . . opening and closing doors, pictures or a collection of guns crashing to the floor, a bird cage falling off its hook with no injury to the bird, footsteps, lights turning off and on, the creaking of a chair rocking, items being moved, or just a sense of someone/something there . . .

Orna Villa is on the National Historic Registry #73000636. It was even used as a hospital in the Civil War, evidenced by a bullet hole in the Foyer banister handrail. History abounds!

A beautiful home, we would welcome your interest if you are looking to purchase a bit of History with the added excitement of Ghosts! Coldwell Banker American Land Mart, Brenda Waldrop, listing agent. 404-310-7943 – brenwald@bellsouth.net – www.BrendaWaldrop.com

For additional photos a Visual Tour is available at http://www.visualtour.com/show.asp?T=2265622

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